我們已重新成功申請環島60 2020 在九月五日(星期六)舉行, 選手包將於7 月1 日至3 日派發,

7 月1 日早上11:00 至晚上7:00

7 月2 日早上11:00 至晚上7:00

7 月3 日早上11:00 至晚上7:00

地點: 星光體育會 香港九龍灣臨興街21 號美羅中心2 期20 樓35 室

鑑於公眾活動要遵從政府政策,請參加者在指定時間出席, 不要遲到或早到, 確保流程順暢和避免人流過 多,同時比賽日會根據當時政府政策限制人數上限而分配組別


1. 大會人員在起跑前先為參加者探測額溫

2. 所有參加者在起跑前及完成後必須佩戴口罩

3. 參加者必需帶備後備口罩及膠袋

4. 比賽當日本會會在檢查站提供酒精搓手液

5. 如參加者自覺身體不適請盡快求醫及留在家中休息切勿到場, 以保障公眾健康


We have re-applied and confirmed for the SRTI 60 2020 to be held on September 5 (Saturday). Race pack will be distributed on 1 to 3 July, Please come with this email to collect on the following date,

1 July (WED) 11AM to 7PM

2 July (THU) 11AM to 7PM

3 July (FRI) 11AM to 7PM

Location :Starun Athletic Club RM 2035, 20/F, Metro Centre , 21 Lam Hing ST, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Ⅱ Hong Kong

In view of the compliance with the government policy, participants are requested to attend at the designated time, not late or early, to ensure smooth flow and avoid excessive flow of people, and the group size will be adjusted.

Assembly Health Measures

1. Before the start of the race, the conference staff will detect the temperature of the participants

2. All participants must wear masks before and after the start

3. Participants must bring backup masks and plastic bags

4. During the competition, We will provide alcohol hand rub at the checkpoint

5. If the participant feels unwell, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible and stay at home to rest, so as to protect public health.





我們隆重其事, 所有組別的參加者均可獲贈環島60五週年紀念TEE

除此以外, 所有參加者可獲:
1. SRTI五週年紀念版啤酒一罐

2. 運動禮品四選二:
A. 運動腰包
B. 號碼布帶
C. 運動手袖
D. 運動頭巾


3. 所有組別完成後可獲-紀念完成獎牌

4. 浪漫二人組完成後可獲-紀念頸鏈每人一條

5. 3-4人隊際及精英組-可獲紀念獎座一個